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 Fiduciary Analytics

 Yahoo! Finance      TEST TEXT HERE 9-28-14    
 Generate a Model Retirement Portfolio  


Financial Calculator  From  

 Smart Money Asset Allocator

  calculator.gif Debt Payoff Calculator From  

 FINRA System

  calculator.gif Nanny Tax Calculator From

    Mutual Fund Cost Calculator  From   
 Reverse Mortgage Calculator by AARP     *Mutual Fund Cost Analyzer SEC   
      Cost Comparison  Vanguard FA  
 Other Care Management Links       Morningstar Fund Screener    
       Yahoo Mutual Fund Research    


  calculator.gif  Immediate Annuity Calculator From  

 Open Vanguard Account

     Vanguard Fixed Income Annuity Calculator  Vanguard  
       Charitable Gift Annuity Calculator(CGA)  PhilanthtroTec  
 Vanguard Limited Agent Authorization - Web      Closed-End Fund Forum From Capital Link (logo)  
 Vanguard Limited Agent Authorization - In Office-Savable      ETF Connect  Logo available  
 Vanguard Financial Advisors      Intuit Tax Estimator  
       Tax Advantage Calculator  From  FinanCenter  
 Investment Advisor Public Disclosure (ADV) Search      1040 Estimated Tax Calculator  From Dinkytown  
       Capital Gains Tax Calculator    
       How Much Can I Contribute to Roth IRA  Fincalc  
       RMD Calculator  MassMutual  
       Vesta Financial Model    


National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors   FTC

 benefitscheckup.gif Provided by the  National Council on Aging

 Download AdAware  Anti-Spyware Tool
 Trend Micro  Free Online Virus Scanner
 Download CW Shredder  Handles Cool Web Search
 Download Firefox  Safer web browser
 HiJack This!  
 Download Belarc Advisor  PC System Audit Tool


 Desktop Icon, Other Fixes  Internet Speed Test


 New IRS Ruling Helps Working Seniors


What a Good Long-Term  Care Policy Should Include  
 Inherited IRAs  
 When Do Start Taking SS  AARP
 Timing Your SS Benefits  Business Week

      Fixed Income

 NASD BondInfo  nasd_logo.gif  Munis  Good
 Bond Search  HarrisDirect
 Bond Search123  JB Hanauer & Co.
 CD Search123  JB Hanauer & Co.
 Symbol Lookup  
 Daily Treasury Rates  U.S. Treasury
 Current Market Yields
 Weekly Mkt Rates
 Money Market Rates
 Compare CD Rates
 Vanguard CD Rates  Vanguard Group
 treasurydirect_logo.gif  Treasury Direct
 EverBank Bank Rates eph1.gif


 Schwab Research  schwab_logo1.gif
 Yahoo Finance  
 Historical Price  Yahoo Finance
 Symbol Lookup  
Schwab Funds   
Vanguard Funds  
VG Index Funds  Vanguard
 Vanguard FA  
Log In to TreasuryDirect  treasurydirect_logo.gif   Download Virtual Magnifying Glass   

 Various Websites    



  Privacy Tools
 Medicare Website    Fed. Tax Brackets (2000-Current Yr)
 Social Security Administration  CHAMPVA - Dept of Veterans Affairs (estimate w/holding)  National Do Not Call Registry
Retirement Estimator - SSA  Apply for Veterans Pension  IRS E-Services  DMA Do Not Solicit by Mail
 Guide to Senior Living Facilities  PA Property Tax Rebate  Free Annual Credit Report
 Alzheimer's Assessment  PA Insurance Department  Form 1041 EFile  Experian-View Report Again
 Respite Care Locator     PA Continuing Care Ret. Ctrs.  Required Min. Distrib. Table (RMD)  
     Single Life Expectancy Table  
   Investment Adviser Public Disclosure  IRS E-services  Fraud Alert - By Phone
 Medicaid Transfer Rules  EIN Application  Fraud Alert - Online
     State Estate & Inheritance Taxes  
   Investment Advisor Registration  Find an AARP Tax-Aide Site Near  You! or call 1-888-227-7669  
 IA Search - SEC    Order Free Tax Return Transcript from IRS  

 HCPOAs, Living Wills-FindLaw  Real Age ALZ Assessment  


 Consumer Credit

Variable Annuities

 Probate, Trust, Etc.  Variable Annuity Analyzer  PA Consol. Statutes, Estates  Philadelphia Register of Wills
     Types of Trusts  

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