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Transcript of Tax Returns from IRS (Form 4506-T)

Pennsylvania Revenue Department POA  

Copy of Tax Returns from IRS (Form 4506)

State Income Tax Rate Schedules  
 Request a Social Security Statement   
 Request Replacement Social Security Card Withholding Certificate-Pension or Annuity  Payments (W-4P)   
 IRS POA & Declaration of Representative (Form 2848)    Sign Up for Direct Deposit of U.S. Treasury Checks
 Extension to File Form 1040 (Form 4868)    
 IRS Forms and Publications Site    DMV Form MV-145A for Disabled Placard
State Tax Forms - Tax forms from all 50 states, and links to their revenue departments.    
 2006 Philadelphia School Income Tax Form

 Financial Institutions

 After Death

           "                      "       Instructions  Vanguard  
   Forms Overview  
 IRS Form 1041-Income Tax Return - Estates & Trusts    
   Limited Power of Attorney on Vanguard Account  
   Organization Resolution  
   Grant Access to Your Accounts  


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