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Everything outlined on these pages expresses the Vesta philosophy and process.  Whether you use our firm to carry out the various functions or choose to do them yourself, perhaps with an occasional assist from your personal financial manager or other professional advisors --  the steps will be the same.  The only difference will be in the degree of professional help that you employ.

 Getting Started


 Investment Management


 Daily Money Management

The Big Picture - Taking Stock  

Overview of the Investing Process

  Receive and deposit income
Organize documents and records   Target investment income   Review and pay bills
Estimate recurring income   Determine your planning horizon   Pay assistants
Estimate expenses     Investor Questionnaire (Risk Tolerance)   Protect against identity theft  & fraud
Develop a spending plan (budget)   Develop a Written Investment Policy   Maintain files and records
    Tactical considerations    

  Complicating Issues


Misc. Financial Tools


 Periodic Tasks

Under Construction...

  Annuities   Report finances to client & others
Unpredictable health   Reverse mortgages   Ensure payroll compliance
Risk of needing long-term care   Insurance   Prepare income tax returns
Losing ability to manage own affairs    Section 529 Tuition Plans    Monitor credit reports 
Lack of trust among family members   1040 Tax Calculator   Rebalance investment portfolio

 Other Tools That Can Help


Special Tasks


Review spending plan

Power of Attorney    Settle an Estate  

Useful Articles & Links

Trusts    Trusteeship   


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