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  Receive and Deposit Income  

Collecting and depositing income should be made as routine and effortless as possible.  Today, most income can be automatically deposited to a bank account, a solution that we recommend for all recurring sources of income such as pension and annuity payments.  The Social Security Administration, for example, expects automatic deposit of its payments. 

The management of interest, dividends and capital gains from your investment portfolio is discussed under the investing process.  Ideally your investments income plan should provide enough cash to cover the difference between your recurring, non-investment income such as  Social Security, pension and annuities and your total spending plan.  And the cash from investments should be transferred from your portfolio into your bank account on a planned, periodic basis.  For example, it may make sense to arrange an automatic transferred from your investment account to your spending account monthly or quarterly.  This of course requires an active and well-managed investment policy to make sure cash is available when needed without the risk of selling stocks or bonds during unfavorable market conditions.


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